Inverters for standard or pulsed MIG/MAG welding, TIG welding and coated electrode MMA welding

Synergic programs for a variety of materials and applications


TIG Dynamics

Arc length compensation for constant thermal delivery

Available in all TP DC welding inverters


AC/DC welding inverter

The complete machines for all kinds of materials, allowing excellent properties and welding results in AC mode - for welding aluminum and light alloys, or DC - for welding carbon steels, stainless steels and other ferrous metals


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Quality Policy

Quality Policy Electrex

João R. Matos, S.A seeks through continuous improvement of the quality management system and its products and services the full satisfaction of our customers, employees and external suppliers, promoting:

Integrity - To seek the personal integrity and capacity within the company, improving the skills of employees in a systematic way.

Customer Satisfaction - Ensure and identify the needs of customers, adapting our products and services to their needs, always looking for continuous improvement and creating a solid relationship with our customers.

Quality and Innovation - Continuous search for product and process innovation, establishment of partnerships that promote the quality of products and services and compliance with the legal and normative requirements applied to our activity.

Social Responsibility - Recognize our obligation to society and to the concerned parties, ensuring business sustainability and communication.

Certification scope - "Design, Production, Repair and Sale of equipment related to welding".